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[Xen-devel] Problems booting 2.6.7 Dom0 with 3ware Controllers

I tried to install and boot a 2.6.7 Dom0 xenLinux Kernel on an
SMP (Dual-Xeon) Machine with 2 3-ware Controllers installed
(1 4-channel Controler and 1 8-channel Controler, both Parallel ATA)
and no other HDs present (except the ones connected to the
3ware controlers, of course).

First of all I got a compilation error after activating the SMP option
in the kernel config.
After deactivating the SMP option, compile + install worked.

Does the 2.6.7 xenLinux Dom0 Kernel support SMP at all ?

During boot, the boot process of the newly installed kernel
showed that it recognizes the two 3ware Controlers, but then reports the
following errors:
3w-xxxx: scsi0: Unit #0: Command(c7f92b00) timed out, resetting card.
3w-xxxx: scsi0: Unit #0: Command(c7f92b00) timed out, resetting card.
3w-xxxx: scsi0: Reset succeeded.

Then it freezes and nothing more happens.
I would have liked to try it with the 3ware driver compiled in as a module,
but it seems that the Dom0-Kernel does not support booting with an intrd ??
(root device is on sda1, which is on one of the 3ware controlers).

When I boot with a vanilla 2.6.7 kernel on the same machine (also with
SMP disabled and 3ware device drivers not configured as module) everthing
works fine, and the machine boots ??
Btw: It also works with a 2.6.7 vanilla kernel configured with SMP and/or
3ware driver configured as module.

Is the SMP issue with Dom0 2.6.7 and the 3ware Problem known ?
Has anybody tried to boot a 2.6.7 Dom0 Kernel from a 3ware Controler ?
Is there no way to boot a Dom0 Kernel with an intrd ?
Btw: The boot device is a striped + mirrored RAID 10, so I wonder how it
could boot the kernel at all that far, if the drivers dont work ?!


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