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[Xen-devel] Problems booting on a Dual-Xeon with 2.4 and 2.6 kernels

I tried to make xen work on a dual-Xeon (1 Gig RAM, 2 3ware ATA-Raid Controlers)
with both 2.4.26 and 2.6.7 kernels, but had no success :-(

I cloned the newest repository (CSet 1.1183) in an empty dir and only did:

1.) make world
2.) make linux26
3.) make install

Then during boot of the 2.6 kernel I got the following message during boot:

fixmap and kmap areas overlap - this will crash
pkstart: ff800000h pkend: ffc00000h fixstart fbeec000h
kernel BUG at arch/xen/i386/mm/init.c:583!
invalid operand: 0000 [#1]
<0>Kernel panic: Attempted to kill the idel task!
In idle task - not syncing

When booting with the 2.4 kernel I get the same errors as I got earlier with
trying to boot a 2.6. xen kernel on the same machine (with older CSets)
- however I had to add the 3ware drivers to the 2.4 kernel config first, it
was not included by default - :

During boot, the boot process of the newly installed kernel
showed that it recognizes the two 3ware Controlers, but then reports the
following errors:
3w-xxxx: scsi0: Unit #0: Command(c7f92b00) timed out, resetting card.
3w-xxxx: scsi0: Unit #0: Command(c7f92b00) timed out, resetting card.
3w-xxxx: scsi0: Reset succeeded.

Then it freezes and nothing more happens.
I don't know if the boot process would have continued without the 3ware
drivers, because I have no non-raid disks in this machine...

On other _uniprocessor_ machines with standard ATA-drives both kernels boot
(but I still have the segfault problems with 2.6 kernels, which I reported 
earlier, with
the 2.4 kernel I had no segfaults on these machines).

It seems that the Dual-Xeon machine with 3ware Raid-Controler is a very 
configuration for XenLinux, which discoveres some potential bugs/problems ;-)

Anybody else had problems booting the newer CSets on SMP machines ?


P.S.: As I was using the newest CSets (1.1183) SMP was disabled in the kernel 
configs, while
        I was booting on the Dual-Xeon machine.

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