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Re: [Xen-devel] Problems booting 2.6.7 Dom0 with 3ware Controllers

So, I think most of your problems are in hand or solved:

 1. Segfaults without 'nosegfixup':
    I'm working on it, and will hopefully have a fix tomorow.
 2. Segfaults in hwclock/kudzu: FIXED
 3. Bogus config options (e.g., SMP): FIXED (just removed for now)

The only one we don't have a handle on is your non-operational 3ware
controller. If you build a Linux-2.4 for Xen, does it work then?

A useful thing would be full boot logs from Xen and Linux-2.6-xen,
versus a full boot log from Linux-2.6-native. If you do this, please
build Xen with 'debug=y make' as it prints a load more useful info as
it boots.

 -- Keir

> > First of all I got a compilation error after activating the SMP option
> > in the kernel config.
> > After deactivating the SMP option, compile + install worked.
> > 
> > Does the 2.6.7 xenLinux Dom0 Kernel support SMP at all ?
> No, I'll remove it from the config options. It will get added later
> when Xen supports SMP guest OSes.
> > Is there no way to boot a Dom0 Kernel with an intrd ?
> I'll add the support to 2.6 -- 2.4 already has it and it's very
> simple.
> I'm also going to look at your segfault issues.
>  -- Keir
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