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[Xen-devel] Status of USB on 2.4.26-uml0?


I noticed Xen has made quit a lot of progress since the 1.2 release, and
so I decided to give the unstable version a spin :-)
I installed the xen.gz and the 2.4.26-xen0 images, and tried to use it to
boot my Fedora Core 2 setup.Much to my surprise, I ran into very little 
problems (good job guys!),
but there was one thing still missing; the USB drivers aren't loaded.
For me USB is essential, since I have USB network card, and an USB mouse
and keyboard.With my PS2 keyboard plugged in, I tried to load the USB drivers 
that I
need, usbnet and usb-storage (well, and usblp, scanner, hid, etc).However, it 
seemed that the uhci driver wouldn't load, it complained about
not being able to find/allocate IRQ... Same also for the ehci driver 
:-(Browsing through the mail archives, I noticed someone had a similar
problem in march, but he had 'patched' the kernel to support USB, wheras
now, I could just choose it from the default kernel configuration menu.
My only question is, is this supposed to work currently? Has anyone had
success in getting USB up and running? Or is this still a work in progress
known not to work?

Warm regards,

Xen in its current state looks very promising to me!

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