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Re: [Xen-devel] Status of USB on 2.4.26-uml0?

> I noticed Xen has made quit a lot of progress since the 1.2 release, and
> so I decided to give the unstable version a spin :-)
> I installed the xen.gz and the 2.4.26-xen0 images, and tried to use it to
> boot my Fedora Core 2 setup.Much to my surprise, I ran into very little 
> problems (good job guys!),
> but there was one thing still missing; the USB drivers aren't loaded.
> For me USB is essential, since I have USB network card, and an USB mouse
> and keyboard.With my PS2 keyboard plugged in, I tried to load the USB drivers 
> that I
> need, usbnet and usb-storage (well, and usblp, scanner, hid, etc).However, it 
> seemed that the uhci driver wouldn't load, it complained about
> not being able to find/allocate IRQ... Same also for the ehci driver 
> :-(Browsing through the mail archives, I noticed someone had a similar
> problem in march, but he had 'patched' the kernel to support USB, wheras
> now, I could just choose it from the default kernel configuration menu.
> My only question is, is this supposed to work currently? Has anyone had
> success in getting USB up and running? Or is this still a work in progress
> known not to work?

Our default 2.4.26 kernel configuration doesn't have USB compiled
in, but if you do enable it it should work fine -- I've used a
USB memory stick device without problems, and I'd expect mouse
and keyboard to work too.


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