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[Xen-devel] xen 2.0, networking, bridging, and nfsroot

Our current setup(based on 1.0 and 1.2) uses completely diskless machines.
They pxeboot, which then runs grub, which then loads xen.  dom0 and domN all
do nfsroot, and everything is happy.

So, along comes 2.0.  It now uses a normal bridge to connect dom0 and domN.
However, the bridge has a hole, where the network does not exist, while it
copies the addresses from eth0 to br0, and changes all the routes.

In nfsroot mode, this fails, as suddenly the network is inaccessible, so
brctl(and friends) can no longer be found.

It would be more safe, to not use a bridge to configure access to the other
domains; this would leave networking running at all times on dom0. Otherwise,
if the bridge setup code breaks, you would end up with dom0 not accessible
from the net, even in normal disk-bound situations.

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