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Re: [Xen-devel] Status of USB on 2.4.26-uml0?

> Ah, it's good to hear that there's reported succes with USB on Xen,
> too bad I'm not currently able to repeat that though :-(
> I'm running this on an Asus A7M266D dual-athlon system, the USB2
> card came with the system, is there anything special with this system?
> I also tried to insert the cmpci driver (there are two such devices in the
> system; one onboard, and one PCI card), and it also complains with a
> similar "No IRQ known for pin A of device 03:04.0" message.

One useful exercise would be to compare the output of 'lcpci -v'
and 'cat /proc/interrupts' when running 'stock' linux 2.4.26 
versus running over Xen.

Using the same config (as much as possible) would be good.

> How does Xen deal with shared interrupts? 

It's not well tested, as we just don't see it on any of our
systems. Performance won't be great...


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