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Re: [Xen-devel] Status of USB on 2.4.26-uml0?


> One useful exercise would be to compare the output of 'lcpci -v'
> and 'cat /proc/interrupts' when running 'stock' linux 2.4.26
> versus running over Xen.
> Using the same config (as much as possible) would be good.
Ok, I'll give it a try this evening.

>> How does Xen deal with shared interrupts?
> It's not well tested, as we just don't see it on any of our
> systems. Performance won't be great...
Hmm, that doesn't sound nice, I have many shared IRQs in my system :-(

I tried booting without the 'plug and play OS' flag set in my BIOS,
normally I run 2.6.x kernel, but I recall that 2.4.x needed the
flag to be cleared so I decided to give it a try.
And now I have some more success :-) :-) I managed to get the ehci
driver up and running, and my USB2 devices are recognised, the network
driver works perfectly now :-). Also the cmpci doesn't complain about
the interrupts anymore.
However, the normal uhci is still not functional, and thus I can
still not use the devices using the USB1.1 ports.
(hmm... I wonder if they work if I plug them into my USB2 ports...
another thing to try this evening :-)


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