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Re: [Xen-devel] my interrupt issue

On Wed, 11 Aug 2004, ron minnich wrote:

> turned out to be interesting. The Plan 9 kernel is pre-emptible (and has
> been for a while). The only kind of interrupt that won't get preempted is
> the clock or timer. The key is that you need to make sure that the
> VIRQ_TIMER gets mapped to the plan 9 timer irq. Once I realized that, I'm
> getting much further with things working right.
> In fact the boot process is working until it times out on no enet packets,
> which is actually fine -- lots of kprocs and procs running and doing the
> right thing now.

Actually, I'd like to chime in here.

I've been reading your threads with great interest.  Not because I am porting
an OS, but because we are seeing odd issues with time in our instances.

We have a xen 1.2 system.  Very often, several instances stop receiving timer
interrupts.  I assume this is what is happening, because time gets frozen, and
no longer advances on them.

Maybe this really is a valid bug, and has existed for awhile.

Actually, catting /proc/interrupts *does* show the interrupt occuring.
However, time is *not* advancing.

doogie@xen-1-13:~$ time sleep 1

real    0m0.000s

I waited 3 seconds, then hit ctrl-c

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