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[Xen-devel] Re: Partial workaround for probs with 3ware Controller

> Another wild guess:
> Some months ago linux had a few problems counting the processors when
> they were described non-sequentially (0, 6, 130, 131 -- like xen is
> reporting). My guess is that Xen is using that (old) linux acpi code.
> This limits the number of processors seen and may cause problems with
> IIRC, some users corrected part of this issue with a BIOS upgrade, but
> not 100%. Current linux acpi code deals better with this kind of bios.
> Also, don't worry about performance for now: AFAICT you are only running
> with one processor. The other one is disabled ;-)
> Does (non-xen) 2.6.7 reports the same acpi processor ID's? Is there a
> newer BIOS for that box?
> Can xen hackers confirm if the acpi code is up-to-date?

I'll investigate an upgrade to 2.6 ACPI code. Doing the same for APIC
and IO-APIC code would probably also be sensible...

Sven: Do you have a boot dump from a working vanilla (non-Xen) kernel?
It'd be interesting to see what it is getting right.

 -- Keir

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