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[Xen-devel] CORRUPTION: /lib/tls corruption with ELF prelinking

The current /lib/tls support in Xen/Linux through rewriting faulting
instructions seems to work well, but for one rather nasty issue.

If you are running with /lib/tls on a system that also uses prelinking
(you can check this by looking for e.g., /etc/cron.daily/prelink) then
you're /lib/tls libraries will get corrupted!

The problem is that the prelinking changes cause some of the binary
patches to also get flushed out to disc. It's a particularly nasty bug
because you will not see any problem until next time you reboot, when
you will hang while starting init.

Current solutions:
 1. Don't use TLS
 2. Don't run prelink

If you are currently running with both then you're probably running a
recent Fedora Core release. If 'rpm -V glibc' reports that libraries
have been re-prelinked, then you are already toast. Delete /lib/tls
for now -- you can get it back by forcing a reinstall of the glibc
RPM once I've fixed the problem.

 -- Keir

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