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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Partial workaround for probs with 3ware Controller

I am sorry Keir, but your new code changes did not help
with the 3ware driver problem...
I cloned the Xen repository in a new directory to be sure
it's clean.
I used the changeset up to 1.1222 (MP table parsing).

In the attachment (zipped) you'll find the following boot logs:

1.) Xen2.4.26.txt   Log of non-working Xen boot
2.) linux2.4.26.txt  Log of vanilla and working Linux2.4.26 and ACPI support
                            switched off, like you proposed...3ware still 
3.) linux2.6.7.txt    Log of vanilla and working Linux 2.6.7 boot.

Btw: Booting with XenLinux 2.6.7 including your new changes also did
not work with the 3ware driver.

HTH somehow.
I am sorry that it's still not working...

Nethertheless: have a nice weekend everybody ;-)


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On 14.08.2004 at 18:53 Keir Fraser wrote:

>> Hmmm... an upgrade to 2.6 code would be a non-trivial undertaking. But
>> Sven has got the 3ware controller working in vanilla 2.4.26.
>> I've updated our bootstrap ACPI code to code from the 2.4.26 tree -- it
>> looks like a bunch of additional parsing has been added in so, fingers
>> crossed, it may well make a difference. :-)  I also checked APIC,
>> IO-APIC, and PCI code but nothing there seems to have changed very
>> much.
>> Sven: please pull the latest Xen and give it a go. If it still fails,
>> then send the new boot output from a Xen debug build, as you did
>> before.
>Another thing that is well worth trying is to disable 'ACPI support'
>in your vanilla Linux 2.4.26 build configuration.
>If you then look in your build tree's '.config' file you should see
>CONFIG_ACPI_BOOT enabled, but no other CONFIG_ACPI options.
>This much more accurately reflects the state of ACPI support in
>Xen. If you build Linux with that configurations and your 3ware
>controller fails to work then it means that we need to pull the ACPI
>interpreter into Xen. That might not be too hard, but then
>again... :-)
> -- Keir

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