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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Partial workaround for probs with 3ware Controller

Hmmm... some output is missing from the vanilla Linux 2.4 log, because
the console logging level isn't including debug messages.

To be specific: there should be a dump of IO-APIC content between the
lines --
 testing the IO APIC.......................
 .................................... done.

'dmesg -n 9' may get you these messages, or changing
kernel/printk.c:DEFAULT_CONSOLE_LOGLEVEL to 9. If none of this helps,
edit include/linux/kernel.h and change the definition of KERN_DEBUG to
the same as KERN_ALERT ("<1>").

 -- Keir

> I am sorry Keir, but your new code changes did not help
> with the 3ware driver problem...
> I cloned the Xen repository in a new directory to be sure
> it's clean.
> I used the changeset up to 1.1222 (MP table parsing).
> In the attachment (zipped) you'll find the following boot logs:
> 1.) Xen2.4.26.txt   Log of non-working Xen boot
> 2.) linux2.4.26.txt  Log of vanilla and working Linux2.4.26 and ACPI support
>                             switched off, like you proposed...3ware still 
> working.
> 3.) linux2.6.7.txt    Log of vanilla and working Linux 2.6.7 boot.
> Btw: Booting with XenLinux 2.6.7 including your new changes also did
> not work with the 3ware driver.
> HTH somehow.
> I am sorry that it's still not working...
> Nethertheless: have a nice weekend everybody ;-)
>   Sven

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