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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Partial workaround for probs with 3ware Controller

Strange, somehow the serial line output did not include all of the bootlog.
I have now rebooted with vanilla 2.4.7 and included the output of dmesg
in the attachment to this post.
Strangely again, the dmesg output is not including the first around 10 lines
of the bootlog which was included in the serial log ..?!
However it includes the stuff now you were asking for, and I was able
to spot quite some differences (In the IRQ redirection tables, column "Vect.")
If this is still not enough debug output, please drop me a line
and I will make your proposed changes to kernel/printk.c .


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On 15.08.2004 at 09:44 Keir Fraser wrote:

>Hmmm... some output is missing from the vanilla Linux 2.4 log, because
>the console logging level isn't including debug messages.
>To be specific: there should be a dump of IO-APIC content between the
>lines --
> testing the IO APIC.......................
> .................................... done.
>'dmesg -n 9' may get you these messages, or changing
>kernel/printk.c:DEFAULT_CONSOLE_LOGLEVEL to 9. If none of this helps,
>edit include/linux/kernel.h and change the definition of KERN_DEBUG to
>the same as KERN_ALERT ("<1>").
> -- Keir
>> I am sorry Keir, but your new code changes did not help
>> with the 3ware driver problem...
>> I cloned the Xen repository in a new directory to be sure
>> it's clean.
>> I used the changeset up to 1.1222 (MP table parsing).
>> In the attachment (zipped) you'll find the following boot logs:
>> 1.) Xen2.4.26.txt   Log of non-working Xen boot
>> 2.) linux2.4.26.txt  Log of vanilla and working Linux2.4.26 and ACPI
>>                             switched off, like you proposed...3ware
>still working.
>> 3.) linux2.6.7.txt    Log of vanilla and working Linux 2.6.7 boot.
>> Btw: Booting with XenLinux 2.6.7 including your new changes also did
>> not work with the 3ware driver.
>> HTH somehow.
>> I am sorry that it's still not working...
>> Nethertheless: have a nice weekend everybody ;-)
>>   Sven

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