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[Xen-devel] [FIXED] probs with 3ware Controller

> Strange, somehow the serial line output did not include all of the bootlog.
> I have now rebooted with vanilla 2.4.7 and included the output of dmesg
> in the attachment to this post.
> Strangely again, the dmesg output is not including the first around 10 lines
> of the bootlog which was included in the serial log ..?!
> However it includes the stuff now you were asking for, and I was able
> to spot quite some differences (In the IRQ redirection tables, column "Vect.")
> If this is still not enough debug output, please drop me a line
> and I will make your proposed changes to kernel/printk.c .
> HTH,
>    Sven

Aha, lazy programming bit me. So the bug was nothing to do with BIOS
table parsing -- it was because the controllers's IRQ was greater than
63. :-)

Xen should now correctly virtualise IRQs all the way up to 127.

 -- Keir

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