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Re: [Xen-devel] xen0=2.6.7 network problem in xenU (SOLVED)

> hmmm... loading the ipv6 module caused this problem. I think maybe i've seen 
> that before too.

Our netfront/netback drivers should be transparent to the actual
protocol that you're running over them. 

We've never tested them with ipv6, but I'd be kinda surprised if
they were at fault.

I wander if this is some sort of ipv6 interaction with either the
bridge or ebtables code? I'd wager that they haven't been well
tested with ipv6.
> Can someone please test a 2.6.7-xen0 kernel with ipv6 loaded and then a 
> 2.6.7-xenU kernel in another domain and see if they can get any network 
> traffic?

Is it just the act of having the module installed that break
things, or do you need to configure one of the two domains with
an ipv6 interface address? 


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