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Re: [Xen-devel] can't start domains

> > Are you fully up to date with your repo? There have been a few
> > duff ones in the last couple of weeks, but things seem stable
> > now.
> I'll upgrade the Xen utilities and xend tomorrow.  Hope
> I didn't spend a few days trying to debug something that
> was fixed while I wasn't looking ;)

I'd certainly recommend keeping all three components in sync if
you're using the unstable tree as there have been interface
> It would be cool if there was a mailing list where commits
> to the Xen BK repository were mailed out, to make it easier
> for people to monitor what goes into the repository...

I guess we could set up a bk trigger that sent something to a new
email list...

Also, I think we should get back into the habit of using the bk
version tag to declare 'semi-stable' releases. It's apparently
been 11 weeks since we last did this; I've just added a tag to
the current repo as I'm pretty happy that it works for me.

I think we're very close to a 2.0 release. I guess the most
critical things are:
 * improve performance of 2.6 MUU interface
 * upgrade to

Wish list items would be:
 * finish cleanup of Xen foreign mapping grant table 
 * cleanup handling of multiple backend driver domains


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