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Re: [Xen-devel] can't start domains

> the hex solution will work nicely. Maybe xen needs its own set of major/minor 
> numbers which xend can parse without having to look them up? eg /dev/xbd1

The trouble with using anything other than sd[a-z] hd[a-z] is
that it breaks a lot of scripts that various distros use. 

The way it currently works is that blkfront driver comes up early
in the boot process and uses a messaging channel to say to xend
"what block devices have I got?" If xend says 0801 (sda1) and
0343 (hdb3), then blkfront will grab block majors 08 and 03 and
create the appropriate disk structures.

One thing to watch out for is that if the blkfront driver has
been asked to grab major 08 then the scsi/sd layer won't be able
to get it, so that you won't then be able to have iscsi disks. If
you want to use iscsi as well, stick to using hd* (or xd*).

> I wonder how udev will work running in the xenU domain... do you think it 
> would recognise the xen devices? i'll give it ago when I can afford some more 
> testing time.

We currently don't have hooks in the blkfront driver to register
with devices udev. I expect these would be easy to add by someone
who knew udev.  We need to think through exactly how this will
interact with the move to passing device _names_ rather than


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