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RE: [Xen-devel] ANOUNCEMENT: Debian packages for xen built on 2004-08-19 bk source

On Thu, 2004-08-26 at 06:14, James Harper wrote:
> I tried a combination 'iSCSI Enterprise Target'
> (http://sourceforge.net/projects/iscsitarget/) (v0.2.6  but i think
> 0.3.0 is out now) + 'Linux-iSCSI Project'
> (http://linux-iscsi.sourceforge.net/). Unfortunately, after finally
> getting network booting working I found I was getting massive and
> almost immediate filesystem corruption. Both are running under xen
> which places a rather large number of variables into the equation, so
> I have no idea what is causing what.

urk! Not good.

> I'm now battling with unh-iscsi (http://unh-iscsi.sourceforge.net/)
> which provides a target and an initiator, but looks like it needs a
> bit of hand holding to get running (changes to .h files to modify
> config, no init scripts, clumsy admin tools). It does support linux
> 2.6 though.

*nod* this is the one that had me tearing my hair out. ;-P 

What all have you patched on it so far? I"m stalled at one point where
it seems gcc is getting very confused in defines and structures from
socket.h and in.h. 8-(

> If I can get it working, i'll be trying the Linux-iSCSI initiator
> against the unh-iscsi target tonight.
> James

Feel free to toss me a patchset for it if you would once it's compiling
at least. :) Thanks!
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