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[Xen-devel] question on frontend ethernet

I've got what I think should be a working front end ethernet for plan 9. I 
get the startup messages to set it up ok, but what's not happening is that 
when I set tx->req_prod to 1, I never see tx->resp_prod go to 1 -- it 
stays at 0. I am sending the notify_via_evthchn for the ethernet channel 
to the hypervisor after I sent tx->req_prod to 1.

Another weird thing I don't get. If I start up dom (e.g.) 1 and then watch 
vif1.0, I see lots and lots of packets being dropped on it. If I tcpdump 
that vif, I see the packets for the ssh traffic on it. This is the ssh 
traffic from the vmware xen machine to my native linux on the laptop (I'm 
ssh'ed in to the xen machine). 

OK, I'm obviously doing something wrong, although my code for the front 
end is a pretty simple port of the linux front end code. Any hints on how 
I should shoot these troubles? Something to look for? What I'm trying to 
see is the DHCP request from Plan 9 to DOM0. Plan 9 thinks it has sent it, 
Xen never seems to think it is there. 

I trust (sort of) my evtchn and ctrl_if code, since that is working well 
for console I/O and ethernet interface setup messages. 

How soon do I need to get the Plan 9 starter to you folks for V2?



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