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Re: [Xen-devel] question on frontend ethernet

> yes, good idea. What would be really nice ... some stuff in /proc, e.g.
> /proc/sys/xen/dom1/register
> /proc/sys/xen/dom1/memory
> etc. so we could halt machines, dump state, etc. 

I'm not sure it's worth going to the extent of having /proc
entries that provide this when it's pretty easy just to knock up
a little application that uses priv_cmd to fetch it, e.g. to
write core dumps.  (I think someone may have already done this?)

I guess I haven't totally swallowed the Plan-9 everything-is-a-file pill ;-)

> There is a debugging hook in the backend ethernet driver that is hooked to 
> debug interrupt ... I'm unsure how to activate this.

Switch the serial line to Xen (hit ctrl-A 3 times), then hit
'q'. This dumps the register state of all domains and triggers
the debug interrupt on each of them.


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