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[Xen-devel] network xmit from Plan 9

First, I did hack up a bit of Supermon to just connect to the unix-domain
socket and let you type at it. I didn't realize it was this simple or
would have just done it, sorry for the silly questions. I thought there
was some vmware magic I just wasn't getting. Instead all I needed was this
"sockets for dummies" code :-)

I also fixed my silly problem with Plan 9 ethernet. 

I had this:
memmove(msg, &upe, sizeof(up));

but needed:
memmove(msg, &upe, sizeof(upe));

'up' is the Plan 9 version of current, it's a pointer, and so the whole 
struct was not getting copied. That missing 'e' was the problem. Stupid!

I'm now seeing the DHCP request on vifx.0 from Plan 9 to DOM0!

Anyways now for the receive side, assuming I get some time this week :-)


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