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Re: [Xen-devel] one more question on ethernet front end

On Wed, 1 Sep 2004, Ian Pratt wrote:

> When you receive a packet you get given the MFN of the page its
> contained in. It's purely a matter for the guestos where it chooses to
> insert it into it's PFN table. Typically, it will insert it into a slot
> that was vacated when the guestos passed a free receive buffer down to
> the driver domain. If you look at the linux code, you'll see that the
> data page associated with the skb gets passed down as the free buffer.
> When a packet is received, the driver hooks in the new page to take the
> place of the original data page.

right, right, right, what was I thinking? It's obvious in the code. 

sorry for that silly question. I am still hoping to save the plan 9 kernel
physical/kernel virtual scheme, but it may have to die and follow the
xenolinux physical to machine and machine to physical mapping strategy.  
That would certainly simplify a few other things however, namely
presenting a single physically contiguous address space to the kernel,
instead of my current physically discontiguous space. We'll see.



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