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Re: [Xen-devel] usb support?

Hi Dick

USB at least in Dom0 should just work (tm). Various people have reported

It is not enabled by default. you have to configure the dom0 kernel to
include it (i.e. modify defconfig-xen0 for the 2.4 or xen0_defconfig for
the 2.6 kernel).

XenoLinux uses it's own modules, ie not the system modules. So if you
configure USB support as modules you would also have to install them.


On Thu, 2004-09-02 at 09:24, Dick Davies wrote:
> Hi, really simple question - does xen support usb yet?
> I've googled and seen recent posts that seem to indicate it does.
> I tried last nights bk source and got a 2.6 kernel up into x no problem -
> very impressed how easy it was, actually - but my base system is a 2.4 Debian
> build - am I likely to have more luck with a 2.4 xen build?
> I wasn't sure if xen builds its own modules or uses the system, though I 
> suspect 
> the latter.
> In any case, I can eliminate that problem by sticking usb into the kernel if I
> know it's a module thing, rather than a 'it ain't going to work' thing .....
> Thanks!

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