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Re: [Xen-devel] two host interfaces to same virtual lan?

> Thankyou for previous responses about my compiler question, I appreciate it!
> I have another quick question.  I want to create a virtual LAN and have
> domain0 be a NAT gateway to NATd VMs.  Is it possible for domain0 to
> have two network interfaces on this LAN?

I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do. The bottom
line is that you can think of the vifX.Y interface that appears
in domain 0 as being connected to the domain's ethY interface by
a virtual piece of wire. 

You can create a domain with multiple eth interfaces, which will
thus appear as multiple vif's in domain 0. How you choose to
interconnect these vif's is entirely up to you. You can use any
of Linux's networking capabilities such as bridging, routeing,
firewalling, NAT, etc.  When thinking about how to configure
domain 0, just think about how you'd do the same thing if instead
of using virtual machines, the other domains were actually other
physical machines connected via ethernet cables to dedicated
ethernet cards within the domain 0 machine. You configure
networking in Xen in exactly the same way.


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