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Re: [Xen-devel] xm speed

> To do a very simple test I created a little script that does 'time xm
> list' 6 times. Here's the output:

So, real time is ~10s, total CPU consumed by dom 0 is ~1.4s.
(That's terrible!)

Is it like this even when you haven't got a domain in a bad

Of the 1.4s of CPU, consumed, 1.2s seems to being accounted to
'xm', so we can assume that 'xend' is consuming the other
0.2. What's odd about this is that _xend_ is the guy that's
actually doing most of the work -- xm just does an RPC to it.

Anyhow, it might be more informative to figure out where the
difference between real time and CPU time is coming
from. Presumably xm/xend is blocking on IO. I wander if running
an strace on xm and/or xend might be informative.

BTW: how are you accessing your root file system (local disk,
NFS) etc?


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