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Re: [Xen-devel] two host interfaces to same virtual lan?

> I see..  I was thinking of the 'wire' you're speaking of as a switch
> that other domains (including dom0) could 'plug into' somehow, not a
> crossover cable, in which case I would have to do it via
> Linux. 

In Xen 1.2, Xen implemented a virtual switch that interconnected
the other domains.

In 2.0, we just implement the 'crossover wire' into domain 0,
allowing you to create one or more bridges and interconnect the
other domains however you wish.

It's all zero-copy, so performance is good. We're not quite as
CPU-efficient as Xen 1.2, but Xen 2.0 will still saturate gigabit
links with ease. The extra flexibility of being able to do
firewalling/NAT/routeing/bridging etc is worth the CPU overhead
for most users.

Have a look at the 'Restructuring IO' paper on the Xen site for
more details.


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