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[Xen-devel] time jumping back and forth


I'm running a 2.0 snapshot from sept 11 with, and the system
time is jumping back and forth in a domain -- partly it is
synchronized with Dom0's time (which is set via ntpd), but then it
jumps ahead, and then back again, as seen in these consecutive lines
from syslog:

Sep 17 09:22:39 [...]
Sep 17 10:34:24 [...]
Sep 17 09:23:40 [...]

9:22/9:23 is the correct time. I've got the impression (but have not
analyzed it systematically) that a few minutes after boot, everything
turns normal.

the domain is not running ntpd or anything else which would meddle
with the clock. machine is a dual PII-450.

any ideas on how to debug this further?


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