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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] better daemon-ization of xend

The attached patch tidies up how xend becomes a daemon, and it hooks up
the "restart" and "status" commands.


I attempted to start xend from SuSE's YaST, but YaST hung waiting on
xend to start.  Turns out that xend wasn't quite becoming a daemon. 
setsid was conditionally called for xend, and never called for xfrd. 
Stdin, stdout, and stderr were left open and this is what hung YaST.

Daemon.(start|status) now return LSB-defined error codes.  I realize the
python scripts are probably meant to be cross platform, but it seemed
cleaner to inheirit a few LSB error codes here, rather than create my
own and then try to remap them up in /etc/init.d/xend.

I still suspect Linux distributions will write their own
/etc/init.d/xend scripts, but at least now the stock one behaves a
little better.

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