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[Xen-devel] xen-2.0 20040920 and 20040917 problems


xen-2.0 20040920:
'xm create -F xxx.sxp' gives 'Error: Internal Server Error' with today's build, with configurations that have previously worked ok. What information would be useful, have others encountered this? I have sometimes had this error before, but it went away if I stopped xend and then restarted it (I was surprised and pleased that I could do this without having to restart xenU domains that were already running).

xen-2.0 20040917:
This build has been running quite successfully. BUT there remains a problem with page/block handling (I think). The situation is

NOT OK: rpm operations in xenU guest system:
Almost any operations on the rpm database produce a floating point exception. Sometimes not at first, but once it happens the situation is not recoverable - that xenU guest system has no usable rpm database. Rebooting (xenU only and xenU as well) does not change the situation.

OK: rpm operations chrooted into xenU file system from xen0:
The same operations that fail in the xenU guest system work ok on the same data in the chrooted environment. The sequence is: start xenU domain, login, 'rpm -qa' -> BANG; shutdown, chroot into xenU root filesystem, 'rpm -qa' -> correct behaviour.

I tried using nfs and loop device root filesystems with similar results. Curiously the previous problem I encountered and reported here also manifested itself in the first place as a floating point exception triggered by operations on the rpm database. But that affected Xen0, while this problem seems only to affect xenU.

I have not noticed any oddities in the xen0 environment.

The system was compiled using gcc3.4 - I don't know whether that has been found significant. Has anyone else encountered similar problems?

The xensv web interface now works fine - but I haven't yet used the domain creation wizard.

Thanks for your help

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