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Re: [Xen-devel] xen-2.0 20040920 and 20040917 problems

> Hello
> xen-2.0 20040920:
> 'xm create -F xxx.sxp' gives 'Error: Internal Server Error' with today's 
> build, with configurations that have previously worked ok. What 
> information would be useful, have others encountered this? I have 
> sometimes had this error before, but it went away if I stopped xend and 
> then restarted it (I was surprised and pleased that I could do this 
> without having to restart xenU domains that were already running).

I've fixed this one. The daemonization patch I applied over the
weekend didn't properly redirect stdin/stdout/stderr. I do that now,
although for some reason I don't capture output from C extensions that
use printf/fprintf -- the output for those seems to get /dev/null'ed,
even in a debug build of xend.

 -- Keir

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