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Re: [Xen-devel] v2.6 xen0 defconfig

" > Something during xend startup needs iptables.  The network script

" How does xend fail for you without these table configured? I run with

The domain had no network access, because the vif wasn't being added to
the bridge correctly.   Turns out the problem was that xend wouldn't run
the network script successfully when run outside a normal foreground
process context.  The config options were not the real problem (unlike
what I had posted last time). oops

After further review, I think I know what happened.   When I started
xend remotely,   xenU domain's could not send or recv any network packets.
While trying to figure why networking failed,  I had run
the xen/scripts/network file by hand.  The script has anit-spoof on by
default, which is what requires the ipt_physdev and iptable_filter module.
After I ran network by hand, the remote tool I used (a customized gexec)
could start xend OK.  I mistakenly concluded the iptables modules were

Later I discovered the tool's deamon-ize option didn't play well with
xend, but Debian's start-stop-daemon can daemonize xend just fine.

So start-stop-daemon solves my original problem, and the extra config
options I posted are just needed when running xen/scripts/network with
anti-spoof turned on. 

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