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Re: [Xen-devel] panic in e100_exec_cb()

> With today's build, my domain 0 crashes during boot when it tries to
> bring eth0 up (it's an E100).
> cb->prev (eax) is NULL in e100_exec_cb() (e100.c:827).  Just from code
> inspection, I don't see how this can be.  e100_alloc_cbs() was just
> called, which looks like it should have correctly linked up all the
> cb->prev/cb->next pointers.

OK, we've tracked this down to a long-standing bug due to a
missing local_flush_tlb when creating a contiguous mapping of a
PCI region.

The scrub_pages change was having the effect of nicely loading
the TLB with mappings that were just about to to become stale...

This could explain most of the odd behaviour that people have
been seeing since the apparently innocuous scrub pages checkin.

We'll do some more testing and push out a fix later today.


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