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Re: [Xen-devel] RAM allocation and miscellaneous questions

> It certainly does Mark (help, that is). I would like to learn more about this 
> balloon driver, which could make things very managable. Is there any 
> documentation or tutorial-like info about?

The balloon driver hasn't been forward ported from 2.4 to 2.6 --
it's on the todo list (it'll probably work unmodified modulo
changes to the way proc fs works).
> I have been wondering why my Domain-0 machine hasn't been using swap! :o) So 
> I 
> should just dump that partition? 

If you've configured swap, domain 0 should be using just like any
normal linux kernel. The balloon driver works in dom0 just like
any other domain.

> I suppose I'll have to be very rigorous when 
> it comes to keeping that domain lean yes? (Especially as I only have 4GB to 
> play with!). Out side of basic OS functionality, are there any Xen or LVM2 
> related processes I have to account for when setting the amount of RAM I can 
> use for Domain-0?

-xen linux kernels don't have any special processes that take any
noticeable extra resources. 

In domain 0 you'll have to worry about the footprint of xend, but
it's not that big.


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