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Re: [Xen-devel] RAM allocation and miscellaneous questions

> Another option, and I'm thinking you are all going to say 'go for that one!', 
> would be to use 64bit machines for our main cluster, perhaps just using the 
> two dual Xeon machines I have now for development purposes. That way I could 
> use lots of RAM and presumably load up even more VMs into each. If I go down 
> this road, I'm wondering what kind of hardware I should get. Does Xen work 
> well with Opterons? I'm an AMD fan and would be very happy to use them if I 
> went for this option. I'm after inexpensive commodity servers, so if anyone 
> has any recommendations (especially if you are in NZ or Australia), I'm all 
> ears.

Opteron isn't supported yet in 64-bit mode, but it /is/ on the todo
list to get it finished off. As opposed to PAE36 mode, which it is
highly likley that we will never support.

> May I ask how much RAM I could use with a dual Opteron system in a sensible 
> Xen configuration? What's been tested?

You will be able to stuff in as much RAM as the machine will take. :-)

> One final question: if I were to ask the directors of the company if they 
> would be interested in sponsoring big memory on Xeon-based machines, what 
> kind of commitment would we be talking about? It could be cheaper to do this 
> than to buy a cluster of dual Opteron machines! I do realise though that the 
> true impediment will probably be the amount of time you developers have, so 
> I'll brace myself for disappointment! :o) 

So you already have an existing 32-bit cluster that you would have to

 -- Keir

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