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Re: [Xen-devel] a Xandos data dump

>> While trying to track down the problem with booting Xandros, I got the
>> attached data dump.  This is the entire console session.  Is this coming
>> from Xen?
>Nope. The crashdump is coming from the -xenU kernel. It seems to
>be crashing in reiserfs, but I suspect this isn't the real
>"unable to open initial console" is interesting. Has your
>reiserfs root filesystem got a /dev/console device? What's the

Not sure what you are asking.  The nonrunning root fs /dev is unpopulated,
it is there on a normal boot of the partition, and I can't see it as a Xen

>Further, the "obsolete bdflush system call" suggests that the
>file system is intended for an older 2.4 kernel rather than 2.6
>(have you tried building a 2.4 Xen kernel -- "make linux24")?

I'll do this.  The distro does run a 2.4

>The "set iopl to 3" is harmless, but suggests that something in
>your init scripts is trying to access hardware very early on. 
>This is unlikely to cause things to break, but it's worth
>eliminating. Perhaps there's a hwclock invocation in rc.sysinit?

Xandros does do a very through device detection run on each boot.  Any
chance this might be causing an issue?

>One other thing to watch out for is that your /etc/fstab should
>contain real device names rather than LABEL= lines. Also, don't
>use devfs.
>If you're able, put a tar ball of the installation up somewhere
>on the web so that we can download and try and reproduce (tar

:(  too big, I'm afraid.  It's about a 7gig fs.  If this problem persists,
I've sure I cant trim that for testing.

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