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Re: [Xen-devel] a Xandos data dump

> >> While trying to track down the problem with booting Xandros, I got the
> >> attached data dump.  This is the entire console session.  Is this coming
> >> from Xen?
> >
> >Nope. The crashdump is coming from the -xenU kernel. It seems to
> >be crashing in reiserfs, but I suspect this isn't the real
> >problem.
> >
> >"unable to open initial console" is interesting. Has your
> >reiserfs root filesystem got a /dev/console device? What's the
> >major/minor?
> >
> Not sure what you are asking.  The nonrunning root fs /dev is unpopulated,
> it is there on a normal boot of the partition, and I can't see it as a Xen
> domain.

That's your problem. It's obviously assuming devfs is compiled
into the kernel. We don't support devfs as it's use is deprecated
(it is already been ripped out and replaced by udev in 2.6).

You're best bet is to boot up another partition with native Linux
and then copy the /dev entries into the other partition.


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