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Re: [Xen-devel] repeatable time jump

> " Close, but not identical. The hwclock time will be written back
> " periodically.
> How periodically?

Once a minute.

> " Bizarre. Anything unusual about this machine compared to the
> " others that are OK? 
> As of now I am getting repeatable time jumps on 4 of 16, plus another 3 that
> jump occasionally but not always.

Is the time jump you see on all machines constant? Could you run
"while true; date; sleep 1; done" so that we can see what the
exact warp is. [it would be very interesting, for example, if it
always turned out to be 71 minutes 35 seconds, which is 2^32

Is it definitely the act of shutting down the domU that causes
the problem? What if you just destroy the domain?

> The machines are all IBMs.  IBM x330, x335 and HS20 blades.
> The repeatable hosts have 1GB of mem.  THe hosts with only 512 or
> 256MB ram don't seem to be affected. 
> How could memory size matter?

It seems unlikely that memory size is involved, but the whole
thing is weird...


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