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Re: [Xen-devel] a Xandos data dump

>> You're best bet is to boot up another partition with native Linux
>> and then copy the /dev entries into the other partition.
>..or use another distro. Currently, Gentoo and Xandros both depend on
>devfs for populating /dev. Until they switch away from devfs (which
>they will at some point, as it will not be provided by Linux 2.6
>forever) they will not be supported out of the box by XenLinux's
>device drivers.

unfortunately, this specific system fs has a running win4lin that I want to
make available to the network as a win98 server, and I hate the thought of
running a whole machine just for this.  Don't use it often, but its handy
when we need it.  It's a round about way of running win98 in xen, I guess 

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