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[Xen-devel] xen.lowlevel.xu.PortError: Failed to map domain control interface

Dear list,

after running several days with some domUs, i did a

  service xend stop
  service xend start

The second failed, /var/log/xend-debug.log said

  xen.lowlevel.xu.PortError: Failed to map domain control interface

Complete xend-debug.log is here:


Two events happened before and may have something to with this oops:
python was updated (FC3 2.3.4-11 ==> 2.3.4-13.1), and a domU i rebooted
got stuck (it shut down, but did not boot again).

All other domains were still runnning and accessable via net. A reboot
of the host solved the problem.

It was xen-2.0-testing, probably from 2005/03/15, dom0=,
domU= (patched with a later xen-2.0-testing)

What went wrong?


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