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Re: [Xen-devel] lowest limit for balloon?

It's probably a job for higher-level management tools. Maybe a safety catch should be placed on 'xm balloon', but the intra-VM /proc/xen/balloon interface is definitely not intended for the casual user.

 -- Keir

On 18 Jul 2005, at 11:57, aq wrote:

urrently there is one problem with balloon: if we specify too little
memory for a domain, that domain might crash with OOM error. even in
that case, balloon still happily do what we request. i just
accidentally balloon dom0 to 0M, and must reboot the machine ;-)

so i guess it is better to enforce a certain limit, so balloon will
not bring the amount of memory for a domain to be lower than that

there are few choices to do this:
- each domain has a configurable option for this (for example:
balloon-level in domain config file)

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