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Re: [Xen-devel] lowest limit for balloon?

On 18 Jul 2005, at 17:12, Mark Williamson wrote:

I know that it's really difficult to determine how low is too low.
Could I recommend a small interface change though, that would force the
user to always specify units {B,K,M,...}?  That might help a little at

That sounds like it should rule out most accidental errors. Whilst it's not
quite so raw, /proc interfaces tend to be a bit high level anyhow...

As an alternative, I guess we could introduce a guest-internal ballooning tool - this could incorporate all the safety checks and user-friendliness (the same or similar checks should be used in the xm tool for the node admin).

Really, if you want to safely balloon inside a guest VM, is it so hard to write a tiny script to ensure a 'sane' value is passed to the /proc interface?

The /proc interface is only really text read/write so that accesses are scriptable. If you go straight at it and mess it up, I think that is tough luck.

 -- Keir

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