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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: execve() in reboot.c ?

On 25 Jul 2005, at 21:18, Sean Dague wrote:

Additionally modern init supports "powerfail" which is the action to be
triggered when the power fails due to UPS. Using powerfail and ctrlaltdel as the 2 actions would provide the different triggers needed for shutdown.
It would allow for userspace configurability very easily.

Though the original problem could probably be solved just by changing the hard coded user callouts to "/sbin/reboot" and "/sbin/poweroff", which I believe both exist in busybox (or can both exist). Given that other things
like hotplug and modprobe are directly called out from the kernel, this
might be an ok approach.

The latter approach sounds good to me. The commands have obvious names, have sane default behaviour on most distros, can be easily overridden/defined if necessary. I'll go with that.

Much better than hooking into all that acpi crap, or an approach that would force users to install xen-specific things in a domU for such a trivial action.

 -- Keir

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