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RE: [Xen-devel] Scheduling

Submitted bug to bugzilla.

I am now changing my scheduling and have noticed some different results,
perhaps you could help me in my studies....

I am running CPU intensive VMs and am trying to find out at what
scheduling they'll run the best (since the simulation being run over a
long duration, short periods and slices are not important).  I have 8
VMs so my first few tests were running in periods of 1, 2, and 10
seconds, divided among the 8 domUs... 

So I typed
Xm sedf (1,8) 1,2,10e9 125,250,1250e6 0 0 0
(ie, xm sedf 1 1000000000 125000000 0 0 0)

In this case, I excluded scheduling for dom0...

Could you please help me refine my scheduling.


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Subject: RE: [Xen-devel] Scheduling

> Added sched=rrobin to my kernel and started xen Ran xm rrobin, unknown

> command Ran xm help rrobin, unkown command

sched=rrobin is not in unstable anymore. 

The default is the SEDF scheduler, but you can still set sched=bvt

As I recall, there is some documentation on SEDF in tools/misc

We should file a bug that using a scheduler op on a non existent
scheduler does bad things.

> So round robin is throw out
> So I tried the default bvt...
> Without appending it to my kernel, I ran... xm bvt_ctxallow 1 -
> Error:  Internal server error
> With it appended to my kernel, I run.. 
> xm bvt_ctxallow 1 - Computer hard crashes
> Any suggestions? 
> Thanks,
> David

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