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Re: [Xen-devel] Net grant tables breaking multiple nic domU

Jerone Young wrote:

Did you not see Jim Dykman's updates and posts on this bug?
He's found the root cause, and is putting together a patch,
although some of it might be interim because it exposes
another resource shortage which will have to be addressed
somehow. Expect a patch from him in the next day or two,
and see the bugzilla entry (and previous posts on xen-devel)
from Jim for the details.

Yes I did see this. But if that is the case then why does disabling net
grant tables fix the problem? So I just decided to come to the list to
see if someone understanding the net grant table code might know.

The cause he identified is in the net grant code, so
there is no conflict here, is there?  When you disable
the net grant code, it doesn't use net grant tables,
but falls back to the earlier code, which doesn't have
the bug. Yes, we could disable the net grant stuff, but
as we discussed in previous threads on this list, that
is a temporary workaround, and since this is the code
we want to ship in 3.0, I see the correct thing to do is
to find and fix the real problem, which Jim is doing.


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