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Re: [Xen-devel] back/frontend drivers HelloWorld

On 23 Sep 2005, at 10:53, NAHieu wrote:

You bootstrap yourself via xenbus. You have a pre-agreed location in
the xenstore hieararchy where the frontend driver writes key-value
pairs containing the grant reference for the page containing the
message rings, and an event channel for async notifications.

I imagine that we can get rid of event channel, and use xenstore to
notify. That is certainly OK, but I doubt about its efficientcy. What
do you think?

Very mad. It's easy to set up an inter-domain event channel betwene domains A and B:
 1. A executes something like evtchn = EVTCHNOP_alloc_unbound(B)
 2. A writes 'evtchn' into xenstore.
 3. B reads 'evtchn' from xenstore
 4. B executes something like EVTCHNOP_bind_interdomain(A,evtchn)

 -- Keir

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