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[Xen-devel] Re: Problem getting x86_64 dom0 to boot on a FC4 machine

"Andrew Theurer" <habanero@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> with 'yum update" and I have not had this happen again.  Also, I have

Thanks for that idea. I had already done a yum update, so this didn't help.

Out of band Larry Hovind recommended compiling the RAID support into the 
kernel (c.f. as modules). I did this for all multiple device support 
(RAID/LVM), and then rebuilt the initrd (specifying that the modules were 
now built-in). I can now get the privileged domain 0 booting. I don't 
understand what limitation it has overcome, but it does get it up and going.

Still need to get a Marvell SATA driver going, and overcome a 
dma/bonding/vlan/ethernet kernel oops.


Greg :-)

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