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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Status of "management port" in 3.0?

Jerry Gulla wrote:

Thanks. I had to add that line to my config and then it opened up
8000/8001.  I haven't been able to get gXenophilia to work with it,
though.   I was really wondering what the "right" answer is for trying
to talk to Xen remotely, however. I know that long term, there has
been talk of a true "web services" way to do things, and in 2.x we had
the http server ports open (and documented) by default, but it seems
that currently there is no good indication of what to do.
Just FYI, I'm pretty sure the HTTP transport is borked in 3.0 right now. I wrote a wrapper for it a few weeks ago and put a less stress on it and it crapped out very quickly. Since it's off by default, I haven't investigated it.

Any idea when there will be a solid direction on what do to for the 3.0 release?
A good approach for management applications is remote ssh. xm list --long is your friend and will give you all of the information you need. Plus, you get authentication/authorization for free. If you use the -S option of SSH, you can multiplex many commands over a single connection efficiently (and only have to prompt for password once). Just catch me in #xen if you want more info about this.


Anthony Liguori



On Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 01:43:07PM -0400, Jerry Gulla wrote:
I (finally) got Apache->mod_python->xend working so I can use the
(currently somewhat limited) web UI for Xen 3.0.  In Xen 2.0, there
was a process listening on  port 8000 that allowed an application to
query / change the configuration; I believe this is how gXenophilia

It seems as if in 3.0, however, nobody is listening on this port any
more. I've modified /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp to specify a port (and
open up more than 'localhost'), but this doesn't seem to have an

Is this going to be working some time in the near future for Xen 3.0,
or am I missing something (again :-)?
You need to specify (xend-http-server true) in xend-config.sxp as well.  I
don't know whether this is new.  I also don't know how well supported this
interface is, and whether it will be in the future; looking at
http://mymachine:8000/xend I see things that look almost like useful
information, but that look a little bit broken too.


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