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Re: [Xen-devel] Now available: xm-test-0.2.0

HB> Building xm-test takes a very long time, because among other
HB> things it takes it upon itself to download and build its very own
HB> toolchain.

FYI, I've only built xm-test once.  See below.

HB> That is extremely silly; please have it use the existing toolchain
HB> instead.

It builds its own toolchain because it uses uClibc.  This allows us to
compile some utilities and have them all fit nicely inside a
ramdisk-sized image.

HB> I'm using qemu, so I want to run the tests on a system other than
HB> the one I built xm-test on (building a toolchain under qemu does
HB> not sound fun or necessary). How can I do this?

On your fastest machine, allow xm-test to build itself by running
'make' in the toplevel.  The end result will be an initrd.img file in
the ramdisk/ directory.

Unpack a fresh copy of xm-test wherever you want to run it from, and
copy the initrd.img file into the ramdisk/ directory.  Then, you can
run 'make check' (or preferably ./runtest.sh) without the lengthy
build process.

At this point, you never have to build xm-test again.  Just copy
around the initrd.img file to anywhere you run it.

HB> I have exported the tests/ directory to
HB> qemu, and am trying to run "make check".

You can't just use the tests/ directory on its own, you need the whole
thing.  There are other things provided that are not below tests/.

Dan Smith
IBM Linux Technology Center
Open Hypervisor Team
email: danms@xxxxxxxxxx

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