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[Xen-merge] xen subarch


We need to revitalise the efforts to get the xen patch into a form that
we'd be happy submitting to Andrew/Linus. I know everyone's very busy,
but if we can have a 'big push' over the next couple weeks we might be
able to get some useful stuff into 2.6.15.

To try and kick things off, we've created a Linux mercurial repo which
has xen as a subarch of i386 and x86_64 :

This is based on Chris Wright's patches, but doesn't go quite as far as
we haven't attempted to merge the include files yet. It's based on the
latest -unstable arch xen patches, and on Linux 2.6.12. We plan to
upgrade to 2.6.13 tomorrow, and then 2.6.14 as soon as it's released
(we'll actually start on the git snapshots).

The plan is that the above tree will always contain the latest version
of subarch xen, and be based off the latest Linus release. [*]

For the subarch clean up work we have another tree
http://xenbits.xensource.com/linux-2.6-merge.hg that is parented from
the above tree (so we can pull through pathches from the stable xen
subarch tree). The intention is to keep this tree up to date with the
latest Linus git snapshot, and for it to be the focus of efforts to
cleanup the subarch and remove duplication between files. 

So, who's up for wading in and getting started with the cleanup?  Who
can help us keep the tree up todate with Linus'?

Send me an ssh2 key if you want push rights to this tree, or otherwise
want other trees created as staging areas. We might as well use the
xen-merge for patch review and discussion. [Visit
lists.xensource.com/xen-merge to subscribe ]

Thanks for your support!


[*] we're not going to delete the sparse tree in the Xen repo right
away, as its useful for tying the xen and linux patch versions together
which makes debugging easier. What we'll do is rearrange the current
sparse tree to be an exact copy of the files in linux-2.6-xen.hg and
keep the two in sync mechanically. 


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